New year, good values

We stayed local for New Years Eve, made some trays of food, bought a Chick-fil-a chicken strips platter, and watched House and Friends. We turned the DVDs off when the ball was about 5 minutes away from dropping and shared a nice kiss across the years. Fitz was watching but received little more than a pat.

Spent some time at Piedmont Park this morning and bought some cheap stuff from Target, including $0.25 packs of batteries (mostly for the Wii) and some $0.69 bags of M&M's.

This afternoon we watched The Dark Knight again. The sun had long since passed by this side of the building and it was getting cold, so we wrapped up in a blanket and dozed off towards the end.

I'm now, somehow, watching the movie again, on the computer (trying this Digital Copy feature). I also have it on the iPod Touch, so watching it at work may be an option.

The gym was packed tonight, for obvious reasons. We're happy to have been at it since last year though, and hopefully this will continue through 09.

I bought a Moleskine plain pocket notebook today with my Barnes and Noble gift card. I've had some pocket cahiers for a couple years and am glad to have recorded some ideas in them. It's interesting to look back.

Michelle picked up another Moleskine planner a few days ago. After January they're nearly impossible to find (last year Fitz ate her red one and it took forever to find another, this time in black).

She bought a debossing kit from Michaels and tapped out her name into the leather cover. It looks really good. She stamped mine with the current year and my name, and for this I'm grateful. IMG_4842 One day of work tomorrow and then a couple more days off. And then it's business as usual, for months.