The curious case of Wheeeliam's squirrel

As part of this long break we were able to take Fitz to Georgia Tech during the day. We usually go at night. At night Fitz likes to follow the cockroaches he finds on the ground. He never bites at them but he zigs and zags with them until they disappear into some crevice.

We arrived to an empty campus due to winter break. We let Fitz off his leash and he immediately started running through the grass, sniffing things and darting to the next area of interest. Then he saw a squirrel. He bolted after it but it disappeared into a tree. We wondered if he might be able to actually catch one. We didn't want to be accessories to murder.

As we mused on these things he caught a glimpse of another squirrel near the chemistry building. He chased after it and it ran for a tree. Only it didn't go up the tree; it continued running, and he was getting closer. Michelle seemed a little nervous as it passed a second tree. She started chanting for the squirrel to "get up a tree!". Fitz closed the gap a little more, just as the squirrel reached a third tree and actually climbed it.

I failed you father. We are glad about this Fitz. We didn't want to see you catch it. You are never clear with me about these things. I'm not a mind reader

In the end, we decided that nocturnal walks work best with him, as he spent many more moments after this chasing after what amounted to leaves fluttering in the breeze.