The dog stroller

A couple weeks ago Michelle made a purchase that disturbed me deeply: she bought a dog stroller. I came around to the idea. The primary use case is for taking Fitz to the gym with us late at night. He tends to bark and we've had issues in the condo with that. We've done this a few times now and he behaves well. Most people think we have a baby, which is a little weird. One guy leaned down to say hello to our cargo and was a little shocked when he saw our dark little beast in the shadows behind the netting.

Tonight, partly as a social experiment, we took Fitz to Ikea. Michelle put her pashmina over the front and we made our way to the entrance. We were a little unsure of how to go up the escalators, but there were people behind us so I just pushed the stroller up onto a stair and held the back wheels off the ground. Michelle took Fitz up the next escalator. She didn't get it up on the ledge as smoothly, and the stroller rocked a little, to the consternation of those behind us. We are unfit parents.

He seemed relaxed as we pushed him through the aisles. He only tried to push his head out once. Most people were really nice to us, getting out of the way much faster than usual. One woman had some children that were playing in front of us and she pulled them out of the way and gave us kindred smile. I was really hoping Fitz wouldn't produce some canine expression and blow our cover.

Ultimately an interesting experience, sullied only by Fitz having peed in the stroller at some point. Perhaps he wasn't relaxed, but rather paralyzed with fear.