On Lady running away, and on finding her in another yard

Michelle and I were gathering up the rugs (one from under her desk, the other a nice find in the trash lobby) so we could take them down to Jonesboro and wash them. It's not perfect weather for that, but my truck, Ole Broadsides, is perfect for hanging them to dry. Michelle called as we were leaving and her mom answered the phone, clearly distraught. Apparently Lady was lost, gone from the front yard.

We picked up some Zaxby's on Tara on the way down. I had to double back and do a u-turn because I missed it on the first pass. Michelle quietly sighs when I do this.

We ate at a relatively languid pace considering the dire circumstances. After I finished I went walking through the neighborhood to look for Lady. Michelle's dad was patrolling in the truck. I walked past a guy and he asked if we were looking for a dog. He warned me about "strange happenings" such as other dogs going missing and of idiots that gather dogs for use in dog fighting. He said he'd keep an eye out.

I followed Michelle's mom down another street where she said she could hear Lady. Michelle had been calling out from the garage, and her voice has some reach, so I think this is what caused Lady to bark (actually all the dogs in the neighborhood were barking). I walked up to a house and looked through the fence and caught a glimpse of Lady in the back yard. I went around to knock on the front door but the people across the street behind me yelled out "nobody's home", which was weird. The guy seemed really suspicious of me and told me the best thing to do was let the owners call me when they returned. I don't remember what I said, but I ended up walking back to the house. Michelle pulled up in our car about this time and joined me in figuring out how to get Lady out of the yard. I found another gate that wasn't locked and picked her up. There was another leash tied to the fence near the gate, but no dog on it.

We're definitely glad we found her. Hopefully whoever lives in that house was helping, thinking they had found a lost dog.

- We took Fitz to the gym with us again tonight in his dog stroller. It gets laughs on the elevator. It's a little embarrassing to be that couple but it's actually convenient to not have to worry about him barking at 9/10/11pm while we work out. He's also really well behaved in it. The dog stroller has a lot of screened areas he can shift around to look out of too, so he follows us as we move about to the different machines.

Michelle's going to donate blood tomorrow at work. It's her first time and she's a little nervous I think. She asked reddit for advice and is drinking some fluids.

Yesterday I got some very simple sparkline graphs working in objective c on the iphone using the Quartz 2D interface. It's pretty nice, hopefully coming to an iphone or ipod touch near you soon.