Michelle's nasty fall

Our friends Reina and Jeff from our days back at Eglin came up for the SEC game on Friday. We all went to La Fonda for dinner and then played Mario Kart on the Wii. Our air bed was too small to accomodate the both of them so Reina took the couch, where she fared much better than Jeff as his airbed leaked, placing him on the hard floors a few hours after laying down. He endured this for two nights, though I believe alcohol and general glee from the Florida victory made the second night more bearable.


Michelle and I decided to take a look at some of the open units at Viewpoint on Saturday. We took Fitz with us and let him explore the condos as we did. I'm not sure if doing this is normal, but if it isn't the agent didn't say anything. The Viewpoint has a really nice 2 bed, 2.5 bath split level plan that we liked.


Today we looked at The Reynolds, across from Crawford Long Hospital. It's a little more traditional in construction. The living areas in each of the units we saw (1 and 2 bedrooms) were much larger than those we've seen in places like Spire, Metropolis, and Viewpoint.


But what I really need to discuss is how Michelle falls. While we were walking down Peachtree towards The Reynolds, she tripped on something just behind me. I felt her hand slap my back (she says she was trying to "grab on") and when I turned to the right I saw something rather amazing. Like a young sapling cut at the base she fell past me in slow motion, palms facing the ground but pulled tightly in towards her chest and shoulders. She pretty much fell flat on her face. If she would have wiggled her feet after landing, one might have thought -- especially with her long, dark coat -- that she was a penguin. You might even expect her to push off down the slope.

I treated her knee and we watched Live Free or Die Hard again. Fitz curled up by my chest and things were pretty awesome.