New media center

Over the weekend we took a trip up to the North Georgia Outlets in our truck, hoping to find a media stand. We've been up many times before and often leave empty-handed. Some items at the outlets are actually priced equal to their in-store counterparts, except that they're missing something. Others are discounted, but only 20%, for example.

This weekend they were selling a lot of the furniture at 60% off. We found a beaten Logan TV stand that was priced shockingly low. None of the other units around seemed to be priced so nicely. It looked like the top was scratched, and two of the center shelves were missing. We walked out of the door with it for $105 total.


Today we finished setting it up. The scratches were a non issue. Most buffed away or were simply a gummy residue. This thing is nearly pristine. We went to Ikea to search through their spare parts bin. We found some wooden and metal shelf pegs for the shelves in the cabinets. We also found a similarly colored piece of wood that we had cut at Home Depot to fit the center width. The as-is shelf cost us $2.