Taste of Atlanta 2008

Michelle and I walked from the apartment to Atlantic Station for Taste of Atlanta We met Amanda there and split the cost of the first sheet of tickets.

We went with Michelle's parents last year, thinking they'd enjoy walking around and tasting a variety of food from Atlanta restaurants. It was fun but we realized that a lot of people seemed to be paying for one entry ticket and then simply using that person to buy additional sheets of tickets to split among their friends or family.

Each food sample costs between 1 and 3 tickets (and one ticket = $1). It's an affordable way to figure out if a restaurant might be worth visiting. Some of the more common fare, such as burgers and pulled pork sandwiches, come in sizes that will actually go a long way towards getting you full. The more expensive restaurants give you, for example, a couple pieces of ravioli with some sauce drizzled on top.

A few of the booths feature free samples. Today Ghiradelli, Larabar, Sunny D, and Gold Peak tea were handing out freebies.

It gets busy fast, so show up when they open. Overall it's pretty fun but a tad expensive. You'd actually have to spend a lot of money to really try something from all 70 restaurants. In reality you end up trying 10 or less for your $25-35 dollars.

After we ate up all our tickets, Michelle and I walked back by way of Tech's campus. We stopped at the bookstore on 5th and hung out for a bit. From start to finish the walk was just over 4 miles. The weather is perfect for walks like that now.