New running shoes

I usually feel meh about any new shoe purchase, but I'm pretty happy with my most recent pair. I had some New Balance 719's that are about 2 years old that I used to complete Bootcamp, despite warnings that our shoes shouldn't be more than 6 months old. To make things worse, Michelle and I traipsed through shallow waters at Sweetwater Park and ever since that time my shoes have had a noticeable squeak, something that has provided minor pleasure as I walk down the still hallway at 5:30am. We went to Sports Authority today to take advantage of a coupon that Angie sent us for 25% off of any purchase. Michelle found a pair of New Balance 645's with pink trim and I found a pair of 810's. Mine were listed at $49.99 but rang up at $39.99, at which point the coupon kicked them down to $32, which is great by me.