Various Bits

For the past few months I've noticed almost every U-Haul truck I see has Arizona plates. It got ridiculous last week when I saw 3 or 4 within a span of 10 minutes, all with the AZ plates. I hypothesized that perhaps they stored them there to take advantage of the arid climate and alkaline soil. I thought I was on to something (minor). Finally looked it up to discover U-Haul's headquarters are in Phoenix. Such a simple explanation. I wanted more.

Michelle and I keep a log of what we eat as part of Discovery's National Body Challenge . I thought it would be kinda corny, and it is. But having to mark things down really does make you more aware of what's going in.

Enjoyed seeing a floppy-tossing Bill Gates on Slashdot today.

I think I'll go catch Scrubs now, then add more afterward.

It's afterward now. Scrubs was hilarious. Michelle and I played some Halo 2 after that.

Painted the closet and should be ready to add the shelving units by this weekend. Michelle pointed me to this Arlo and Janis, which apparently describes my home project work ethic. Do note, however, that the wood flooring is finished; I have the pictures to prove it.