Peachtree Road Race, Determined to Finish

peachtree road race 2008

On our way home from a late lunch on Peachtree, Michelle and I noticed two women helping an old man across the street. They were moving very slowly and when the light opposite went green, they were still partly in the street.

Fast forward about an hour; it's 7:20pm. Michelle's cooking a July 4th meal and I'm reading a magazine at my desk. I've been glancing out the window occasionally, and a few minutes ago I just happened to glance down to see the same two women and the man emerging from behind the parking deck by Juniper. It suddenly became clear that they were completing the race, long after the others.

Michelle grabbed a couple Vitamin Waters from the fridge and suggested I take them down.

I rode the elevator down and approached them on Juniper, two cold bottles in hand. At this point I could see that they all had their race numbers on, but still I asked if they were doing the course. I think the women may have been a little tired (they must have been doing this all day), but the man seemed quite energetic. They were also thirsty and looking for a place to get some drinks, so this was pretty awesome position to be in.

I came back upstairs and, from the balcony, could see them at the corner, sitting down and having a drink.

update I guess there was some coverage of this.