A complete lack of action

Something must be said about the lack of updates. We've been spending much time lately walking. I have decided, it seems, that walking to work during the summer is better than walking when the weather is nice, such as in the spring. This doesn't make complete sense to me, profuse sweating suggests it shouldn't be done this way, and I can't say gas prices are a prime factor. I will be healthy, maybe.

After work I do some more walking, this time with Michelle and Fitzwheeeeliam. We cut through the leafy neighborhood and head to Piedmont Park. Fitz really enjoys seeing other dogs, and though this town is quite large we know many people there by now.

fitz at the dog park in piedmont park

If we're in the mood for something different we walk to Georgia Tech and let him off his leash. The place, especially during the summer semester, is pretty quiet. Students, sequestered off in the brick dorms, seldom come out. We sometimes lay down on the sidewalk and try to see the stars. Fitz plays with cockroaches and crickets. He gently swipes a paw at them if they're uncooperative. I fear one day he'll accidentally kill it, like Johnny 5 in Short Circuit, and spend minutes swiping still, not understanding.

After this walking, we relax some, watch TV or read. Fitz stretches out and recharges just enough so that he can start "playing" at midnight as we're getting ready for bed.

schnauzer on bed