That must have been exciting

A few years ago Michelle and I came up with a concept for a book we would call That Must Have Been Exciting that would contain pictures of skid marks in very interesting places on the road. The inspiration came from a set of marks we saw on the I-85 exit on I-75 South in Midtown. At that exit, I-75 turns around 180 degrees and becomes I-85. And right as you enter the turn there's a burm that curves along with the road to your left. We noticed while slowing down to make the turn that someone had completely not slowed down and ramped right off the road over the burm, apparently with their brakes applied (a little too late). Michelle casually remarked "that must have been exciting" and I found it really funny.

Well tonight we took Fitz on a walk to Tech and on the way back while we were waiting to cross the street at Spring and 5th. Some strange set of factors combined to produce one result: Fitz's leash somehow slipped from my hand and he began to move across the street, into oncoming traffic.

Michelle lunged after him and tried to get him to stop, but he got scared of us yelling and pressed on as a car sped past. Pretty soon Michelle was following full speed behind him, yelling. I was following her waving my hands at the oncoming cars to make sure they could see us.

We made it to the other side but Fitz was a little scared and started making his way back toward the road. Some girls that were heading out to party helped us get him and then asked us where 14th St was. We quickly settled into giving directions, as if what had just happened was a perfectly normal occurrence.

Thank you for helping us catch him, and for pretending that we are normal. We just want to party. Tell us where we need to go

That must have been exciting.