Hide and seek with Fitzwheeliam

One thing we enjoy doing with our dogs (first Buzzle, and now Fitz) is playing hide-and-seek. They're quite good at this despite what you might first think.

Last night we took Fitz to Tech for a walk. He loves running ahead, far enough so that it's fun for him but not too far to turn and run quickly toward us should we bolt. He lives with a constant suspicion, something our games do nothing to allay.

We were near Skiles when an opportunity to hide presented itself. Fitz continued confidently towards the Library and we jumped up on one of the benches along the walkway and then jumped up onto the grass behind the bench. Fitz came running back and saw us up there, apparently out of range. He immediately took off the way he had originally been going. We heard a lot of rustling in the bushes and he tried to press through and cut us off from another direction.

Fitz, that's not the way. The bushes, they are too dense. I know, father, I sense this now. I have failed.

He came screaming around the corner again and this time jumped up on the bench and then up onto the grassy area where we were, panting with pride.

I have succeeded in this game. You are still a failure, you went the long way and tried to run through holly bush

This is the sort of thing we do.