Gone a long time

This is the first full weekend I've had in 3 or 4 weeks. It feels like it's been much longer. The product demo I and 3 others (with extra help here and there) were working on took place on Friday and was an apparent success and puts the company on a good course this year. Engineering and some product managers and analysts celebrated with a few pitchers of 420 for the last couple hours of work.

While I can't say I enjoyed the hours (not a fan in general), it was actually fun working as a tight team sharing a common goal. Our company has more products than engineers, so it's often the case that everyone's doing a product (or two) on their own. That allows for a lot of freedom, but I think teaming up more often--and I'm only a fan of small teams anyway--would be better for everyone long term.

Back to today. I think we've made the most out of these hours. We had lunch with Michelle's parents, read a bit, napped, watched a couple videos from Startup School, made a pot roast, and took Fitz on a walk through a sun dappled neighborhood behind our place. Following that we watched a couple more episodes of Dexter. And there's still a couple of good hours left.