Stop, drop, and roll

I came home from work late and shortly after dinner it was approaching 11pm. Fitz hadn't been out on a walk for a couple days and we needed some exercise so we ended up going to Tech for a walk. We started out by the Love building. The grassy hills felt pretty good and weren't very moist and I decided to lay down and roll towards the sidewalk. It was awesome, though as I neared the bottom I started to lose the ability to control my limbs due to inertia. As I turned and turned on the way down I would occasionally catch a glimpse of Fitz running after me. I stood up at the bottom but had a hard time staying up. I am not resilient in the face of spinning, apparently.

Michelle followed and was laughing hard by the time she reached the bottom. We kept taking turns until she suggested we go at the same time. We waited for some of the students walking nearby to pass and then laid down. I went first, with her just behind me.

About half way down she overtook me. Her legs creeped over my midsection and by the next turn she was on top of me. I ended up with my head in the wood chips at the base of a tree, laughing.

The good news is that if you loved doing this as a kid (and who didn't) it's just as fun now. Once the hill by the Ferst center dries up we're there.