WTF How to walk in public places

One thing that constantly annoys me about being in moderately crowded venues is seeing people use more than their share of the walking path. In most cases a single person can behave correctly. This is partly due to them not taking up much width but also because they're not distracted by having someone by their side. Once you get to two people, the rate of walking like an ass goes way up; more than two people and forget about it, the group is likely to behave as if they own the place.

walking like an ass the good guys are depicted in orange

I've often wondered if it's some issue of perception. Maybe I'm quick to notice people walking like asses when they're not me and Michelle. When I start thinking this way, I'm primed to notice how we look in public, and the review is mostly favorable. With few exceptions do Michelle and I actually block the walkway. We tend to glide together as one, closely following one side of the walkway to make opposing walker's passage easier.

This makes dealing with ignoramuses that much harder. I will literally stare them in the eye as we approach and shift slightly to make some room. I leave the rest to them. They see me. They do not move. People, this isn't a staring contest. You don't win.

I also don't understand the utter surprise people have when I play by their rules. I stay the course. I try hard to resist the urge to pull to the side or slow down, and eventually we come chest-to-chest, exchange some frustrations, and continue on our separate ways. Sorry, friendo, I'll try to remember next time that you own the middle of the sidewalk.

After a rain a few weeks ago Michelle and I went to workout at the CRC. There's a small sidewalk leading to the front door through the grass. On either side of the path there was mud and small puddles. A few guys were approaching and insisted on walking 3 wide, taking up the entire walkway.

I stepped into the mud and got my shoes wet and bowed as they passed.

No. No, that's not what happened. I bumped one in the ribs for being an ass and pretended to be as blind as he was. Whoopsie.