Weekend at a glance

I began the weekend with high and lofty hopes. I am sometimes paralyzed by overambitious tendencies. Still the weather was great Friday night and Saturday, and I continued to entertain thoughts of what I could accomplish.

Michelle's been sick since Friday morning, so we ended up napping after going to lunch with her parents at the Old Spaghetti Factory. I woke up to play some Mario Galaxy and then slept some more. It was actually awesome, and all the better to sooth my stupid lower back pain. No idea what's going on there but it's annoying.

Speaking of annoying (and, Fitz, if you're reading, also cute), Fitzwilliam has "earned" our old comforter cover. It was already pretty worn, but certainly not torn, as it is now. He gets frustrated when trying to bite his noisy RC car and tears at the sheet instead.

I re-ordered CLR via C# finally. I found a couple of unused Amazon gift certificates and redeemed them with cash to spare. I noticed that Jason Evans--the guy that wrote jemalloc which is being used in Firefox 3.0 beta 4 (which I'm using now) and beyond--left a review.

Dinner's cooking and we're going to finish watching Scrubs.