Tumbling with Fitz

After work I pulled through the roundabout and picked Michelle up. We drove to the Exxon in Ansley Square to get gas and a Slushie. We had plans to follow that with Moe's $5 Monday burritos but Michelle didn't seem too keen on it once it was within sight. I didn't either. I suggested we head to Fernbank to look for a ticket stub and then go to La Fonda.

On the way to Fernbank we were behind a particularly flashy guy in a black Ferrarri. I wouldn't mention this but I'm sure if he knew I didn't mention it his self-image would shatter.

Fernbank closed at 5 so we dug through the trash. I found 3 torn tickets -- 2 adults and 1 child from 12:00pm (what a special day it was for them) in the trash can outside the front door. From what I could tell those 3 were the only 3 to attend the museum today. In short, this keeps us from having to buy another set of tickets for this report she needs to write.

We decided against La Fonda. Our failed attempt to eat at Nuevo Laredo over the weekend deserved another shot. The wait was long, mainly due to a really annoying party of 16 that kept backing up into us and holding the door open for nobody (save maybe the cold, because everyone knows even the cold deserves to be let indoors). They were drunken fools but our tacos and enchiladas were worthy.

After dinner we picked Fitz up and took him to Georgia Tech to run around. Michelle had an idea near the Campanile: I would run up the steps and once Fitz gave chase and neared the top with me I would run back down, at which point Michelle would run up. This allows us to scientifically determine who he favors most. Sometime during the course of this experiment Fitz tumbled down about 5 steps, collapsing onto his chin at the base of the stairs. Michelle's concern proved that she loves him most.

We rounded things out with a screening of Sweeney Todd.