Using Rdesktop with Check Point SSL VPN on Linux

This took me quite a while to get working, and I perused many threads that gave me clues but never the whole solution.

If your office has a CheckPoint SSL VPN you can connect to it using rdesktop under Linux by following these steps.

First follow the directions for accessing the VPN over HTTP (eg, Your IT person probably provided some directions. There's an ActiveX version of the install and there's also a Java one.
SSL Network Extender Linux

I couldn't get anything to install correctly, so I ended up clicking the "Download SSL Network Extender manual installation". When you click that you should end up with a file named

You'll need to run this script as root, and you'll likely get some errors if you run it as is. I commented out the offending lines. They mostly pertain to cleanup and some error trapping. In fact, in the picture below I'm not sure I needed to comment out those first few lines. Just do what you need to in order to get it installed. modified file

Once it installs you can open your browser (again, I had to be root to get this to work). Revisit your VPN site over http and log in. It should work and you'll get a message saying you're connected.

Now what? Open a terminal and type ifconfig. You should see a specialized adapter. Mine was named tunsnx-00. This is your SSL VPN connection. You can view which IP addresses are accessible by running netstat -rn.

At this point, you can open another terminal and run rdesktop with options similar to this: rdesktop -f -u username workmachine

username is your network username and workmachine is either your work computer's IP address or name.