Blockbuster Total Access Premium

Michelle and I recently finished our free Blockbuster Total Access Premium account trial. Netflix and Blockbuster have been doing rentals through the mail for quite awhile now, but we had some free time around the holidays and the free trial was really enticing, especially since we had been spending about $10 every weekend in the weeks prior to signing up.
totalAccess Michelle added some movies to our queue to get things started and I think we had two movies in our mail box the next day. What made our trial kick so much ass was the unlimited in-store exchanges that every Premium account comes with. We watched the first two that night and picked up two more at the store the next day. Upon returning the first two, two more were released from our queue. We were barely finished watching the two we had just picked up when two more arrived in our mailbox. Within a day or two we had two more from the store, and yet again another two were on their way in the mail. Can you even count how many times I just said two?

It actually got a little tiresome. I began to stress out over having to watch so many movies. While our first 10 choices were things we really wanted to see, we were soon just trying new movies out. If they sucked, it just didn't matter; we'd return them to the store, grab a couple more, and even more would be coming in the mail as soon as we did that.

It's as if they continually hurl movies at you, and my obsessive need to get the most out of it resulted in near constant movie watching for about a month.

We canceled after the trial but plan on signing up for real this summer. The only bad thing to come out of the experience was a call we received recently stating we hadn't turned one of our movies in. The store somehow lost it; I've seen people ahead of us in line with the same problem. This is unfortunate.