WTF happened to 99X?

This morning I heard The Bert Show on 99.7, repeatedly announcing that 100.5 is moving to 99.7 this Friday. I thought that perhaps 99X was moving to another frequency but apparently they're gone from the radio altogether. What the hell!?

99X as the bulk of Atlanta currently knows it started in 1992 as New Rock 99X. I think I moved to the Atlanta area in 1994, and even then they were already one of the better stations on the air. My brother and I used to listen to Barnes, Leslie, and Jimmy on the drive to school.

I also liked the different formats they'd try, such as Organic X, Resurrection Sunday, Live X, Mandatory Metallica, and even the more recent Short Stack.

Apparently 99X will still broadcast on an HD-2 channel, and also online at You can read more about the shakeup and firings at 99XWatch.

Here's a quote from Steve Craig.

Today, the day that 99X ceased to exist, I was in the middle of my show, having been informed that my boss and longtime friend Leslie Fram and her morning show co-host (and a hell of a nice guy) Jenners were both fired. I was trying to keep it together and be the professional music presenter that I am, But you can only go so long wondering about your fate. Some other staff members were being told that they were OK, but no one knew what was going to happen. I wondered why the corporate guy wouldn't come into the studio and say "Steve, don't worry, you're fine, and we'll talk more after your show"... So I went to him and asked point blank. I was told right then that I would no longer be needed, and they called in Axel to finish my last hour. After 15 years, all I wanted to do was say goodbye. Because I loved being with you every day... I love what I do, and I loved what I did at 99X. Taking away the Retroplex was like lopping off a leg, and then being blamed for not being able to run. That really broke my heart. What really hurts, though, is that our corporate guys never really understood what 99X was. And they wouldn't listen to those who did. But what the "understanding few" accomplished here, I hope will never be forgotten. Because we did some pretty cool shit! So I join the spirit of Wil Pendarvis, Leslie Fram, Fred Toucher, Crash Clark, Jimmy Baron, and my best friend of almost 30 years, Sean Demery... and say I WAS 99X!

Sean Demery has a really in-depth post on the history of 99X, from its formation in 1992 to its recent end. The new 99X site The old website has been replaced by the site pictured above.