Theater style nacho cheese

Last night we saw Cloverfield, which was one of those rare movies that gets the crowd cheering (opening night of Transformers and opening weekend of Independence Day were similar). The line extended outside the theater. We made a point of seeing it opening night so that others couldn't ruin the surprise of just what, exactly, attacked New York.

But this isn't about movies. It's about nacho cheese, which they serve at the movies. A small dish of nachos cost $7.60 at the theater. We were already full from dinner so we passed.

We decided we wanted some theater-style nachos today for lunch. We were shopping for groceries at the WalMart on Howell Mill and began our search. Most of the nacho products you find are variants on Velveeta. Some come in jars, and most have salsa already mixed in. They're not quite what you want.


This is what you want. Unfortunately it comes in a 6 lb can in the mega condiments section. It seems expressly for theaters and gas stations and restaurants. What's crazier is that you're supposed to mix in some water, so the total yield of the can is roughly 9 pounds. Rico's is apparently the "Originators of Concession Nachos". Nacho party!