Notes on a dream

I had a dream last night, unusual in its occurrence and duration. Michelle and I returned to Florida to get some stuff from the house. Brian/Keanu Reeves was there, filming some sort of high speed crash scene in our basement (we had no basement). The stunt went wrong (I have no idea how it could have ever gone right--he just raced hard into a brick wall) and Brian/Keanu died. As rigor mortis set in Michelle and I began to worry about transporting the body. Brian/Keanu was also apparently a female lawyer, because her firm called, and when I explained that she was dead the lady from the firm got all huffy with me and quipped ugggh, now we can't bill those hours.

Michelle and I debated using my truck to transport the body back to Atlanta, since the body was outstretched and rather unbendy. I didn't want to do that for some reason because then we wouldn't have the car (never mind that by taking only the car we also wouldn't have the truck). I got onto the internet, which I viewed through some projector that was casting it on my wall and began researching ways to transport our fallen friend. Lo and behold I found some software that would compress my friend. I ran the program and compressed Keanu by 78%. No probs.

On the way back home we realized that we hadn't called GEICO regarding the accident. We were pretty worried about this as we didn't want to let a lot of time pass. We pulled over and tried calling our agent but everyone was home as it was the middle of the night. At some point the law firm called again and acted really pissed that the dead person hadn't shown up yet.

At some point I was at work and as I stepped out of the elevator I glanced down at the daily paper left on the floor in the lobby. I was absolutely upset that there was no mention of Keanu dying. It occurred to me some time later that maybe the news hadn't gotten out yet--so I figured since I was privy to the knowledge that I'd submit the news to Reddit. I think I felt some relief, then woke up.