Struggling To The Top

A few days ago you could Google the term steven romej and not have this site come up. I mentioned that fact, and in doing so created an association between this site and the word steven, so that now it does come up. If my last name weren't somewhat unique I don't know what I'd do.

If you type romej, depending on the day, it might come up first, or perhaps third. Google's always changing between this and ButzelLong. Incidently, I think I have quite a few distant relatives in the Michigan area.

Google is good for bringing traffic to your site through all manner of keyword searches, except you can never be sure which keywords will lead to your site. I'm often amazed when I look at my referer log. Online services and communities like flickr, and Technorati are much cooler in that they allow people to choose the keywords that will help others find their content. By allowing tags to be attributed to photo collections, link collections, and blog entries, large sets of related items can be generated.