Keeping up with New Years resolutions

Another one-fifth of a lustrum has passed, and some reflection is in order. A lot of great things happened in 2007, but it wasn't all ups. As for the good, I worked hard on Rankforest early in the year and launched the new Rails-based version over the summer, shortly after we moved back to Atlanta from Crestview, Florida. We quit our jobs there, found new things to do in Atlanta, and managed to sell our house despite the major downturn. We also welcomed another "schnauzer" (he looks weird and sheds a bit) to the family: Fitzwilliam. Michelle has her MBA, has done excellent at Georgia Tech and we're living off Peachtree in Midtown.

I used my trusty Tada list to build up a list of things I want to achieve in 2008.
resolutions Having some experience with falling through on keeping up with resolutions, I did my best to build in some automatic reinforcement. That comes in the form of simple email reminders from my Google calendar. I debated going bi-weekly but I think a simple reminder to check the list at the beginning of each month will be enough.