Taking a walk, losing the keys

This morning Michelle and I walked Fitzwilliam up Peachtree, down 5th, stopped at Starbucks, then continued on to Tech's campus. We let him loose in the corridor between the ES&T building and some of the other surrounding buildings. There are some fairly large gradations that form huge steps for us to run up and down. Some of the steps are probably almost 3 feet high, yet Fitz can fly down and up them with minor difficulty (he crashed and rolled once going down and he sometimes slammed his forelegs into others going up).

After 20 minutes of that we started to walk back. We noticed people walking around in cap and gown and reflected on graduation as we slid past some of the large family groups that had taken up residence on certain areas of the sidewalk to take pictures.

As we came within sight of our building I realized I didn't have my keys. We had the concierge let us up (she was a little suspicious of us and reluctant) hoping that we hadn't locked the door to our unit. We had.

So I ended up running back to Tech to pick my keys up off one of the steps where we had been running around. It was a vigorous morning.