Thanksgiving 2007

We woke up at our leisure Thursday morning, grabbed Wheeleeam, cruised for gas and a $0.50 copy of the AJC, replete with sales information, and pointed the wheels towards Jonesboro, somewhere south of Atlanta.

The meal was splendid, and things seldom tasted were tasted once again. For example, mashed potatoes (figure 1): 00044

After filling ourselves, we attempted to find my Uncle Ray's house. After much passing of appropriate turns and retracing steps, we (ahem, Michelle) found it. I had nearly given up. Once inside, I sampled a bit more food and desserts and we visited. Marc's phone was broken, so Michelle jabbed the microphone with a toothpick (!?). No harm, no foul. We drew names for Secret Santa, chatted like it was 2006 and left in a caravan; I chose to back out the entire length of the driveway, nearly 500ft by my estimates.

Friday morning we woke up at 4:30 and left for Circuit City in Buckhead. That store was ill-prepared for such a sale. We spent about 45 minutes in line. Target was easy, as was Lenox. We were home by 9:45, probably before things actually got messy. Gifts for all!

I think we watched I, Robot after that and wrapped presents. We were both still quite sick, so there was some sleeping and playing Twilight Princess (which we beat after nearly 65 hours). I moved on to Metroid Prime and kept putting off doing any real work on my laptop.

Fitz gradually became a little sicker over the weekend, and it culminated Saturday night. I administered about 1mg of Loperamide (aka Immodium) to him. He didn't react well, and the dosage was probably twice what he needed at his weight.