This night

We couldn't immediately come up with a place to go eat dinner after work today, so we instead played a few rounds of Mario Kart on the Wii (have I mentioned how much I love that the Wii is pretty much all Nintendo consoles ever made?).

We decided a light meal was best and so went to Metrofresh for a bowl of Mitchili. There was a football game at the nearby stadium, so parking was scarce. Metrofresh closes at 9pm and it was 8:17. Michelle ended up with the last bowl of Mitchili; I had some sausage lasagne soup, which was not disappointing.

Fitz was waiting in the car. After we finished we drove down 10th and took him to Tech for a "walk". It turns out he's an amazing runner. We spent 45 minutes running away from him and each other. After catching up with me and jumping at my legs he'd dash off to catch Michelle.

The Metropolis is having a Halloween party tonight. I stopped by briefly to say hello and grab a Samuel Adams Boston ale.