Barcamp Atlanta

I left work Friday as early as I could in order to get to BarCamp Atlanta. I met Brian there. He arrived a little earlier than I did and did some of the legwork in figuring out where some of the sessions were.

We caught a couple interesting sessions (Open ID and Facebook Platform), missed some others (the space travel one was apparently great), and at some point later in the night most of us ended up in the main reception just talking about startups and sharing ideas. It was great and we met some really interesting people.

It was interesting, though not surprising, to note that almost everyone had a Mac and an iPhone.

Of note, at least to me: one of the sponsors desks had some free Halo 3 hats. I was looking at one and remarking to Brian that Microsoft was a sponsor, at which point he picked up a hat and asked incredulously "Oh, is this Silverlight!?"

On Saturday I saw a good session on Firefox 3 by Andy Edwards and the $100 Laptop. I wish I could remember more names and sessions. There was a lot of good food and drink both days, so thanks to Jeff, Stephen, and everyone else involved in making this happen in Atlanta.

Photos of the event are here.