Night of Hacks

We tended to Buzzle as best we could tonight. He's getting weaker and it's really sad.

Michelle and I went to Moe's on Ponce for dinner and then picked up some more prednisone for Buzzle. He's no longer eating so giving him anything is a pain. I hate forcing him to take medicine when he won't even eat food.

While Michelle studied I checked out the Rails project Brian is working on and made some small changes. Database migrations are a lifesaver--we can pass these text files back and forth and have the adapter do the real work of sync'ing our schemas.

After that I started working on my OpenGL project again. After adjusting the viewpoint I can see my terrain but the triangles don't seem right so I'm wondering if I missed something when porting NeHe's lesson 45 from C++ to C.

We also watched some House on DVD.