Blades of Glory

Friday. After work we walked down to 5th Street and hung out at the Barnes and Noble for a while and then returned home to check on Buzzle.

Later, on a whim, we went to Publix to get some watermelon and cheese and crackers. We picked up some rotisserie chicken for Buzzle. He's not hungry (or at least can't muster the will the eat) much as the cancer progresses. We try to give him everything we can as he goes through this.

We rented Blades of Glory at the Blockbuster next door and watched it until nearly 1 in the morning.

Then, around 3am, I woke up to the sound of bass and people talking in their loudest voices. The neighbor next door was having a party. This is probably the second time since May that I've heard anything from any neighbor, but it was especially loud last night. Michelle, of course, slept through this. It ended around 3:40 or so.

Today Tech's playing Samford. Later today Dave Matthews band is playing in Piedmont Park to 50,000 people. This is interesting because it's one of the first major outdoor concerts held there and also because we live somewhat close to the park and will probably be able to hear the music.