Long Weekend

This weekend was the first long weekend we've had in awhile. Saturday we went to Michelle's friend's birthday party. We also took Buzzle down to see Sassy and to get our mountain bikes. Today we went to the Silver Comet trail up in Cobb County. It's nice but it's too crowded, and most of the time you feel like you're on a pedestrian highway, passing slow cars, or getting frustrated when you can't pass due to oncoming traffic. Fell asleep this afternoon for a couple hours and then walked in Piedmont Park for an hour to shake off the lethargy that an afternoon nap can sometimes bring. Cut up some fresh watermelon and had some burgers crafted from the finest Whole Foods has to offer.

I cooked Buzzle some hamburger to mix in with his dog food and while it was cooking he stumbled into the kitchen and stood near my feet. I picked him up and held him over the pan, careful to keep him out of range of spattering grease. He smelled the burgers and stuck his neck out a little and then carefully bit at the air, missed (of course), and bit again. It's cute, but it's also sad because he can't see very well and he thinks it's in front of him.