Michelle's Birthday

The 7th was a nice day, even though I had to work. Michelle received a decent amount of birthday mail and finally got a letter that was once returned from her friends at Eglin.

After I got off work Michelle and I swung down Ponce to pick up some more "senior" dog food for Buzzle as well as some groceries from Whole Foods.

We drove down to Jonesboro for dinner with Michelle's parents. Lady Fingers was happy to see us, so Michelle helped her celebrate the day by tying her baloon to her collar. Lady was fine until she tried to walk under the kitchen table, at which point the balloon started "pulling" on her collar. She bolted and almost dragged the table with her. That balloon provided hours of entertainment, and by the end of the night Fingers was holed up in Michelle's parents room.

We went to Carrabbas for dinner and got a waitress that brought everything pretty much as we needed it, which is always nice.

After dinner we had cake. Michelle opted for just 7 candles on her cake, then proceeded to fail in blowing them all out. Jeez. It was pretty late at this point so we had our cake in front of the TV and watched the latest episode of Flipping Out.

Happy Birthday sweetie.