Sundays in Atlanta

We woke up somewhat early today and walked down to Piedmont Park. It was already getting hot but the ample shade throughout the park helps, and there are cool eddies to be found near Lake Clara Meer.

After a good walk we stopped by Caribou Coffee to get the Sunday paper and then headed up to our condo. We stopped at the 7th floor to grab a cup of the complimentary coffee they set out on the weekends. For breakfast, we made some eggs, Morningstar Farms bacon, and Eggo waffles and drank orange juice.

Buzzle had his check-up at 1:40. It's awesome that the vet is only 10 minutes away--we used to have to plan it as some big outing as it'd take 30 minutes and 30 miles to get there. He seems to be fine, though we're a little concerned about his nasal passage, which is close to some of the teeth that were removed.

Sometime in the afternoon Michelle patted the bed and beckoned me to have a nap. A few caresses over my head and she puts me to sleep (a skill that has come in handy the past couple days for getting Buzzle to lay the f*ck down and stop whining). I didn't wake up for a long time and Michelle got some studying done.

Finished up the evening by watching some Friends gag reels and walking around IKEA.