Running to the grocery store

As Michelle started simmering some onions and bell peppers for our burritos she realized we had no refried beans. She tried to pretend she would go out and get them from CVS of all places. I sensed this was a job for myself though and put my shoes back on. They were still warm and moist from a hard day of toiling....sitting at my desk.

So I walked down to CVS and realized pretty quickly that refried beans weren't high on their short list of in-demand grocery items. I left as I came and headed down 8th Street to the Plaza Midtown Publix. I realized it's nearly as close, though it requires going up a pretty steep hill.

On the way back I decided to run home, two cans of beans in hand. An Isuzu was at the red light as I crossed West Peachtree and started running up the hill. I was almost at the top when the car passed me again and came to a stop at the Peachtree St light. I caught my breath and ran on, slipping through the green light before they did.

I always hate it when I'm driving and someone on foot passes me. Stop lights are doom to driving efficiency in the city. Though I've used the expression many times, it was the first time I've ever actually run to the grocery store.