Ubuntu Linux is Amazing

Frustrated with my Fedora Core 3 setup, I archived 4 cdroms worth of data and burned Ubuntu Linux's Warty iso (one simple iso).

The install was fast. After the core install, the installer asked if I'd like to get updated packages from the web; I said yes and the installer fetched them. It's nice to boot into a fully updated system. But also:

Everything works. The resolution was already set to a high setting when I logged in. The sound system and cute little African sounds were working. The desktop comes up very clean, no clutter. The applications are in an Applications menu, and the system settings are in a Computer menu.

I know Fedora Core 3 and Ubuntu use the same version of Gnome, but I swear this feels faster when browsing the filesystem.

Haven't used much but so far this is very promising. More later.

update Totem is failing to play mpg files. This happened with FC3, just need to remember what package I need to add.

The Ubuntu repository servers are fast. I had a mix of Yum and Apt for RPM on FC3 and would often get timeouts with my mirrors.