Sundays Happenings

We slept deeply into this morning. We were in repose, much like Sammy Davis Junior Junior in Everything is Illuminated.

Michelle had some spaghetti for breakfast; I had pancakes (she's weird). After that I spent a few hours digging up parts of the front yard where Scott's Weed and Feed killed patches of grass. I can't quite blame Scott's as large portions of our yard are actually crabgrass and that stuff kills it.

I put down some Pensacola Bahia and covered and watered it. After that--the sun is scorching and drains energy from me as it imparts it to the plants--we went to Whataburger for the first time in 3 years of being here. Oops. It's a good fast food restaurant.

As for last night, we went to the beach around sunset, after eating some pad thai. Hardly anyone was around. People tend to like the beach only when it's super hot and super sunny, when the conditions for growing small batches of cancerous skin cells is prime. This always works in our favor as wide swaths of beach are clear for walking.

We wrapped it up with some waffle cone bowls at Marble Slab.