Hit the Lights

Where do I even start? After 3 weeks, or as I like to call it E T E R N I T Y, brian has achieved intarnet in his home. So now the servers are back up and development and much fun can continue.

The look is from a theme called Kubrick. Versions of it are available for all the major blog tools, now including this one (blur6ex).

Michelle left me this week.

But she's back now. It was just a business trip but it left me sad. I thought I'd get a lot done, but I just felt out of place and then I surfed the web all night the first night. The second night I tried hard to avoid that trap and instead watched movies all night. The nights are much more varied with her around.

Big news in doggyland. We opened the front door today after work to an empty house. We called Buzzle's name but he didn't come. We thought perhaps he had died. But Michelle peered out the back window and sure enough he was out. He finally learned to use his doggy door. Which is good because a) he already knows how to come in the house, and it's good to know the other way, and b) the door was $150 or something.

It's good to be back. The old site lives here: http://romej.com/oldsite/