Great Weather

I love weather like this. It hasn't exactly been too hot lately, but it's been warm enough to get the house stuffy in the afternoon when the sun hangs low in the sky. As of this morning it was decidedly cooler. A strong breeze blew our curtains inward, freshened the house. The dying gasps of winter. Looks like it'll be even cooler tomorrow.

We finally replaced our old ceiling fan today. To get to the old one, I had to set the ladder on our coffee table. As I was wiring the new one, the dialog from Friends would make me laugh a little at really critical moments when I needed to be still, or needed all of my strength. I was my own obstacle. Michelle, who helped assemble a lot of the parts in the beginning, fell asleep mid-install on the couch below me.

In the end everything fit perfectly and the fan (a Hunter) is really quiet and powerful. The stainless finish and deep mahogany colors on the blades look so much better than the yellow, glass, and brass of the old one.

Rotating into another office on Monday at work. My project to replace Crystal Reports organization-wide is done. The new group, Special Projects, works on a variety of applications, but I'll probably be doing more web stuff so the switch is more a change in group name than in daily tasks.

But the soul still burns.

Listening to Arcade Fire lately. Michelle liked them a couple weeks ago on SNL and started playing a lot of their stuff. Good.

Last night I watched A Good Year, a good movie. In it I learned that scorpions don't like lavender.