When Mountain Lions Attack

The recent mountain lion attack brought this to mind. arches park trail When we were in Arches National Park back in 2005, Michelle was surprised to see the warning signs for mountain lions. The signs had some steps you could follow should you find yourself face to face with a lion. I kinda skimmed over it (I'm a wonderful candidate for survival) and figured Michelle did the same.

Later, down the path and in the middle of some conversation, I realized Michelle totally committed the steps to memory. I think I even caught her reciting them under her breath

Don't jog alone. Don't run. Stand tall. If attacked, fight back

I think she'd save me like that old lady on the news did for her husband. I appreciate this. Then again, her fighting abilities are dubious, at best. Take as evidence Exhibit A: Michelle vs The Weeds Brushing Her Legs: michelle and the plants