Walking the Dog

Our dog Buzzle is peculiar. He loves going on walks, but only if he can be off the leash. Sometimes we don't feel like driving to the park, so we walk around the neighborhood. When we do this, we take him on his leash. He stages fits of protest, bucking like a little horse as I pull him toward the asphalt. After we get 50 feet from the house he gives in and deals with the walk. He tends to look nervous though, and by all accounts appears intent on "finding" home again.

It never fails: as we round the corner and near our house again, he swings wide and then cuts in front of us and begins his victory trot up the driveway.

Today the system failed. We approached our house and he didn't appear to notice. Then we were in front of it and still he walked on, looking ahead. After getting around the next corner, he got worried and stopped. Damn his eyes said. We forced him around once more and he made sure to pull towards the house the next time.