Up Early

The culture at our jobs dictates pretty early wake up times. At one of my previous jobs, early was about 7:45-8:00. Now it's about 6:30-6:50. Michelle needed to get some things done with a crew of some coworkers this morning and it needed to happen early, so I ended up at my desk at 6:00am.

It was quiet so I was able to code for what felt like a very long time. By the time I was done with what I was working on it was only 8:45. That's weird.

For anyone needing an explanation of what some CSS selectors do, I found a great site. The Select Oracle from the Opal Group can decipher complex CSS snippets (alternatively you can paste a whole file or provide a url to your page). Great for figuring out the difference between #tabbar #tabs ul li and #tabbar ul#tabs li.