Documentation of Days

Shortly after waking we went to the gym. I listened to a podcast and Coldplay's Warning Sign (a song I somehow missed from Rush of Blood. Sad, but it works out nice as it's new to me now).

We then went to Bass Pro Shops. I don't care for the store, but they happen to have the only hiking boots in the area. Not good boots, but something. So we picked up a pair for our upcoming trip and left.

At the outlets we bought pants and shirts to hike in. We opted for synthetic fabrics as they tend to dry faster and harbor less odors (we may not have access to showers for some time on the hike, and we can't wash clothes for about 9 days).

Then we came home and Michelle cooked an awesome dinner of couscous with brocolli, onions, scallions, and asparagus (doesn't sound good but it's great). We also had fresh corn and a meat substitute.

Now we're watching Pride and Prejudice. Oh, and I have a final tomorrow.