Everything is Illuminated

Daily routines become much more exciting when accompanied by a soundtrack. We know this from movies, yet we hardly apply it to all the situations that we could. With that in mind, I decided this morning to unload all my bags and lunch before turning off the radio. So I pulled into the parking spot, left the CD playing (Michelle would venture a guess that it was Coldplay. Sadly, she'd be right), opened the car doors, and gathered my things with quiet dignity. This has made all the difference in today.

Later we attempted to work out. I got into the locker room only to realize I had no t shirt. I debated working out in my polo, but figured that'd go over poorly when I showed up for my afternoon class. I waited outside for Michelle to come out to see if maybe she had a spare shirt (all the workout shirts are mine anyway). She informed me she had a tube top I could wear. I told her she could wear that. She was stubborn and did not yield so we left.

Overture to a rigid search: Tonight Michelle and I relaxed on the couch and watched Everything is Illuminated. A lot of the movie is really funny. The essential storyline occurs near the end. Unfortunately, I've been tired today and dozed off for maybe 1 or 2 minutes during a critical part. After the movie Michelle asked me some questions about what I thought. She broke me down fast--do not sleep near the end of this movie, it's important for the illumination.