Games and Grills

Michelle and I had four people over last night for some grilling. We invited them without actually owning a grill, so after work we made a trip to Sears to find a $39.99 grill we saw on the web. It wasn't there so we ended up with a Weber grill.

By the time we got home--the traffic from Hurlburt is nasty, and Walmart and Sam's are over that way--it was 5:40, and they were coming at 6:00. I started putting it together out back. I noticed that on this particular night our new neighbor was grilling also. I had some performance anxiety as he appeared to be Master Griller, and I was only Noob. I had it together--incorrectly I now see from the picture in that link--in 10 minutes and started to build my fire, hoping to have it going before they arrived. Luckily my neighbor stepped inside, as during the lighting process I managed to douse part of the outside of the grill. I kept thinking what will he think when he comes outside and sees my actual grill on fire?. The fire went out once so I used some more fluid and the coals took.

It all worked out fine and we used a buffet-style table that Jim gave us to host on.

After that Michelle and I picked up a copy of Halo 2 and a blue S Controller. This is another instance of us jumping the gun, as we do not own an Xbox. Our friends have an extra Xbox though so we played for an hour on that before heading home to take our crispy contacts out. I like this game and look forward to haxor'ing my brother when he comes to visit again. You hear that, Marc?