Blame it on Graham

One of Michelle's hobbies (if it even passes as that--seriously, she cannot find a legitimate hobby) is to re-read some of the older blog posts here. I started posting daily bits back in 2004, and they cover the timeperiod where we graduated and then moved. The posts used to be more personal and were intended to capture some of the things we had going on in our lives.

I had no audience then (but later I went up to 2000 per month, and now, again, virtually none).

Of course, over time, it's gotten to be less of personal and more technical (boring). The sort of stuff I'll find little value in when I re-read things years in the future.

Michelle traced the transition to one old post where I talk about some stuff we did that day, and then, in passing, mention "I've also been enjoying some of Paul Graham's essays. Joel of Joel on Software fame has some good pieces also." A greater proportion of posts after that point begin talking about software projects and other crap I find while browsing the web everyday.

So I think she's right, and now let others be warned: Paul and Joel make you boring.

So we'll see what we can do about future posts, shall we?