TrackBack Implemented - PHP Trackback

I finished the first wave of TrackBack support for blur6ex today, thanks to PHP Trackback.

Today SixApart announced they were picking up LiveJournal; that blog will soon support TrackBack. That it doesn't already makes me wonder if there's more to it than I've understood.

Discovered today. Apparently offers a way to track links that interest you, as well as view others' links. You can grab RSS or Atom feeds for your lists and use that in your feedreader or use it to build a LinkBlog sidebar. That's fairly simple so that'll be one of the next shards I add.

Today for lunch we ate on the benches at Turkey Creek. The sun had just emerged, and stayed out long enough for us to eat in bright rays. Freakishly humid around here lately. The fog at night is overwhelming. It consumes me.

Joey is on in 25 minutes. I know this. I will still, somehow, forget this in the next few minutes.

For people looking for ways to improve your PageRank, or optimizing your site in general for searching, check out this post. It's geared towards MovableType but a lot of the ideas and strategies for blog organization apply to any system.

update: blur6ex appeared on freshmeat today, and 50 people have at least checked out I hope someone tries it; if you do, let me know. Any questions will be answered.