First Mow of the Season

A boring post, for historical accounting purposes only.

Yesterday was the bees knees. After picking up some things for the cookout, Michelle suggested I mow the yard. I wasn't keen on it, after looking around I realized we had a bunch of tall weeds. The mower ran on 8-month old gas and oil, sputtering a little smoke here and there. We have blackberry nettles in all corners of the yard as well as behind our shed. On the one hand that's cool, but they grow so rampant and have a tendency to envelope the other plants so I put some thick gloves on and pulled them.

For your own reference, that's not the optimal way to get rid of them, as any trace of root left will result in more coming up. Let them get tall and then spray them with weed killer.

I also spread some poison around the foundation of the house and on some ant hills. You're supposed to water the poison, so luckily some clouds moved in towards the end of my tenure out there and moistened everything with light sprinkles.

Later that night we decided to give Buzzle a haircut. He's notorious for resisting any sort of cutting about his head, but I held him such that he couldn't move his legs well (plus he exhausted himself fighting) and then Michelle somehow scared him into submission. We were able to shave his ears and beard and brow.

Today I'm thinking we'll have some pad thai.