Site Changes, Up and Coming

Today I finally investigated TrackBacks. TrackBack is something the authors of MovableType came up with to allow notifications between blogs. Instead of the classic pull-based web, it allows for some pushing.

The specification is freely-available. I set out to implement this protocol today for blur6ex, so that our blog could do TrackBacks like almost everyone else. Lacking some of the skills necessary to write it from scratch (and not wanting to follow the Perl-based reference example from MT) I discovered PHP Trackback by Ran Aroussi. I've been playing with this for a few hours now and have about 80% of the TrackBack system working. I'll have to wait on that last bit until tomorrow, but I'm very excited about this.

Also, I changed the layout a little bit. Text is a little bigger, and the contrast is greater. Not optimal for me, but I like it a little more than the previous one.

I'll have to get a tutorial up on how to implement TrackBack's with PHP Trackback once it's all done and fully tested.