You are Excused

Michelle and I had a good 3-day weekend. Made time for some workouts in anticipation of our trip to Peru where we'll be hiking for a few days at high elevations.

Friday we spent time in Destin at Barnes and Noble, then went for some calzones at Mellow Mushroom. We had a major scare on the way there as a Mercedes SUV came within a foot of hitting us in the side. They were pulling out of the gas station and were not really paying attention. I swerved a little but Michelle and I both cringed and just prepared for the worst as the large nose loomed close outside the window. Apparently whoever was driving finally saw us and stopped. Gave us the shakes.

Saturday I finally watched Sahara which was a good action movie.

Looked around Best Buy and Sears for a plasma TV. Still bouncing the idea around, but I think this Samsung 42" looks good. It's EDTV and not true HD but for regular cable and DVDs--which are recorded at 480p--it should look awesome.

To cap it all off we had some Ruby Tuesday's tonight after hanging around Ft. Walton. After getting home I made a call to the court to see if jury duty would still be held for me, and to my delight I'm excused.